about/be beautiful you

Welcome to be beautiful you, where it is my intention to inspire people to align to their wellbeing in mind, body and spirit, to hear and trust their own unique inner guidance to live a intentional, confident and vibrant life, a be beautiful you life.

The be beautiful you life is:

  • Listening and trusting Inner Guidance
  • Self Love
  • Deliberately
  • Understanding the Universal Laws
  • Experiencing Ease
  • Feeling good
  • Self-Confident
  • Learning and growing
  • Enjoying the journey
  • Creative
  • Heart -Centered
  • Living the life that you love, doing what you love
  • Appreciating the beauty that surrounds you

There are 3 main components that make up be beautiful you that I know will inspire and empower you to live YOUR be beautiful you life! I personally incorporate each component into my life so that I may be the best version of me, so I may inspire people like you to live the best version of your beautiful life.

Each of the three components of be beautiful you has been intentionally designed to inspire and empower you to live a be beautiful you life independently as well as a whole.  They include:

  • Law of Attraction Empowerment Coaching
  • Massage Therapy
  • Dance Movement Therapy

How they work holistically:

Coaching is a structured process that uses the principles of the laws of attraction to release resistance, raise vibration and connect to your inner guidance.  If you consistently incorporate dance and massage with coaching, you will effectively achieve be beautiful you results.

Regular massage allows your body to release tension, increase energy and to open to receive new ideas and inspiration through dance and coaching.

When you dance you feel good and your energy or vibration raises, which naturally releases resistance to emotional, spiritual or physical blocks that are impeding your connection to your inner guidance.

There are so many ways that these 3 components can work together its quite amazing. Each individual experience and outcomes are nothing less than unique, inspiring, empowering and life changing.

The holistic benefits of combining the 3 components are:

  • More enjoyable and powerful experience
  • Attract what you truly desire in your life
  • Deeper connection and trust in your inner guidance
  • Increased overall wellbeing
  • Opportunity to engage and integrate your mind, body and spirit
  • Increased effectiveness to living the be beautiful you life you desire

I am inspired everyday not only by the profound experiences that I have had since practicing and incorporating the be beautiful you lifestyle, but also witnessing the powerful shifts that I see in my clients, friends and family. This is what inspires me every day to choose the be beautiful you lifestyle, and to keep sharing it with anyone who desires to feel good and live the life that they truly desire.