Hello and Welcome to The Luminary Sol.

I’m Cassandra Lyons, a Law of Attraction +Sol Life Coach, Professional Dancer, & Inspirational Photographer, and I believe you have shown up here because you are ready to live an illuminated life!

It is my passion and desire, to inspire you gain clarity of what truly feels good, and lights you up, and to guide you to align within to your inner beingraise your vibration, and illuminate your Sol with ease, joy, fun, & love!

I believe that we all have a an Inner being. I call my Inner Being, God, Sol (Sun), Source Energy, All That Is, or insert what most resonates for you. I believe that we are an extension of God’s light + love, and in aligning within to God (Inner Being) we are aligning to God’s wisdom, wellbeing, broader perspective, pure light, and love. 

It is my intention to share all of my love + light, my high vibe ‘Sol Tips’ and Processes, ‘Dancing to Raise Vibration’ videos, ‘SoleRise Photography’ with you, that has 110 percent elevated my life & perspective.  And with all my heart I believe in the same for you, it’s your birthright!

To help you get clear, and to elevate your life & perspective, I have created the following powerful questions, to guide you within to your own inner being, where all of your awareness and insights lie. 

So feel free to grab your journal, or take a moment to quiet your body, mind, and sol, and listen for any insights, aha’s, or inner guidance that is flowing to you, for you to expand, grow, and shine!

Let’s Begin

  • What powerful vision do you have for your life, that fully excites and inspires you to rise up and meet the day?
  • How would it feel to be fully aligned within & trusting your inner being to guide you with ease and joy?
  • What inspired steps would you be taking if you were showing up, being the brightest version of who you truly are?
  • When you are being The Luminary Sol (light of the sun) that you already are, what are you experiencing, receiving, and enjoying?

Now, how do you feel? What insights did you receive from diving into the above questions? If you feel it’s time to lean in and realign with your Sol, and illuminate your beautiful light, I am here to guide you, inspire you, and illumine my light beside you, each step of the way. 

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Are you ready to align and shine? Send me a message at bebeautifulyoucoaching@gmail.com to set up a Sol Align Session, to illuminate your next inspired steps towards being the fullness of who you truly are, and living the life that fully lights you up!

With Love + Sol,


Top Photo Credit: Gary Hicks @garyjh on Instagram