14 Day “Illumine Your Sol – Dance + Journal Course’ Launch II – May 6th

I am over the moon excited to be sharing the second launch of ‘Illumine YOUR Sol – Dance + Journal Course’ with you!! I am filled with joy and gratitude for the beautiful souls that have gone through this course, for showing up, and being willing to grow, learn, & shine their light even brighter!

In today’s video I will share with you a window into this powerful & high vibe course, inspiration to align you within to your inner being, dancing to raise your vibration, & how you can join, to live a life that lights you up!

I know with complete confidence that you are meant to live a life that excites and delights you, filled with ease, joy, Love, freedom, wellbeing, and fun. I also know that if you aren’t living a life that you truly desire, that you may have some limiting thoughts & beliefs that may be “standing” in the way. But with some awareness, clarity of what you truly want, and practice you can be the brightest, most authentic version of you each and every day!

Over the 14 days I will guide you through my proven, 4 part Vision, Align, Be, Allow, (VABA) Inner Guidance System to, ignite your deepest desires, inspire you to align within, be the person you are here to be, and how to receive what you want with all your heart and sol! Each day you will receive inspiration, tips, tools, and high vibe journal prompts to allow you to dive deep, and discover the light that lives within you, that is you. You will also receive a daily dance video + guided visualization to allow you to connect with the wellbeing that is always flowing through you.

This course will change your life. How your life changes is up to you, but just by showing up, you will be shining your light brighter than before. Which brings me so much joy, to see people being who they truly are, love.

It’s your time to shine!

Watch today’s video for inspiration, information, and dance to raise your vibrations! And please feel free to share this with someone who you know who is ready to shine!

Click here to sign up! http://cassandra-lyons.com/illumine-your-sol-dance-journal-course/

Sending all my love + Sol,


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