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 Thank you for visiting be beautiful you, I am so glad you are here. My name is Cassandra Lyons and I want to invite you to read my professional and personal journey. Below you will learn a little bit more about who I am, what I do, and why I am so passionate about inspiring people to connect within and know their unique and beautiful inner guidance to live their own be beautiful you life.

My Professional Journey:     

My Personal Journey:

I began my love of dance when I was 6 years old. It was something that brought me so much joy,  allowed me to feel free and be completely myself.  I also believed as a young girl that it is your birthright to live the life you love, do what you love, and love yourself.  But when I was 18 years old these beliefs were challenge, I developed Chronic Fatigue and Candida Ablican and became severely debilitated for 6 years.  

This felt like a huge road block to creating the life I believed in and loved.  I knew at this point I had to make the necessary changes to start creating the life that I desired, and inspire others to do the same.  The only thing that truly allowed me to have moments of feeling well was when I was dancing. When I dance I align with my inner guidance, my energy/vibration raises, and I just feel good.

Since I have danced for the last 40 years I have studied/performed many different styles from Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap and  Swing, to Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Salsa, African, Samba and Improv. I have performed with  several cultural dance troupes, performing at such events as Celebration of Nations (St. Paul, MN), Grand Ole Days (St. Paul, MN), Private Events, CBA Basketball Half Time Show (Fargo, ND), Improv Performance with Singer/Performer Bobby McFerrin (Ted Mann Concert Hall, Minneapolis, MN).

I studied/performed Ghanian/Haitian drumming with Drumbone led by  Master Percussionist Marc Anderson for 10 years. I also studied Brasilian drumming with a Minneapolis community drum group Batucada do Norte led by Pat and Tim O’keefe. We performed at venues like Cedar Cultural Center (Minneapolis, MN), First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN), May Day Festival (Minneapolis, MN).

20 years ago I started a career as a Massage Therapist.  I spent many of those years combining coaching and massage to inspire people to align their mind, body and spirit.  It was during this time that I realized I had a passion for inspiring people to live a life they truly desire through Life Coaching and decided to become a certified Life Coach.

After attending my first coaching program where I learned Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Hypnotherapy, I felt that there was something more that would help me to make a bigger impact with my clients.  This is when I discovered my next inspired step, to learn the principles of the Law of Attraction, and to become a Law of Attraction Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

Upon the completion of the QSCA I discovered my true passion was to combine Law of Attraction Principles, Inner Guidance Coaching, Young Living Essential Oils, and the InnerguiDANCE© Movement. The combination of these components are designed to inspire people to align with their inner guidance, naturally release resistance, raise their vibration, and create the life that they LOVE with ease, joy and fun!

I have since created the Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration Project, which can be found at my YouTube channel “Cassandra Lyons” to inspire people around the World to raise their vibrations and dance with me every day.  I am so excited that I have had viewers from 204 countries watching/dancing with me to raise their vibration. I have also created the 100 Day InnerguiDANCE© Movement  for people who are interested to incorporate dance, essential oils, and the principles of the Law of Attraction in their day, and desire daily inspiration to stay on track.  Click the link above to find out how you can join the 100 Day InnerguiDANCE© Movement.


“True alignment begins by aligning within, and knowing your beautiful and unique inner guidance”. ~ Cassandra Lyons


Pictured below is a 20 year dream of mine come true…….working with Raptors, talk about being inspired! It all started with a desire to reconnect to nature, and the next inspired steps toward this dream unfolded perfectly. The key to allowing this dream to come true?…..  I was willing to take the inspired steps that my inner guidance was providing without even knowing exactly where they were leading me. It is through my journey that I have grown to trust in God/Universe/All That Is to know exactly what I want and organize my be beautiful life perfectly.

But now let’s talk about you, and how I can help you create your inspired be beautiful you life that YOU desire!  

If you have any questions about what I offer, or to schedule your Align Within Consult email me at:  bebeautifulyoucoaching@gmail.com




To your inspired & be beautiful you life!

 Cassandra Lyons




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