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Hello and Welcome to, The Luminary Sol. 
I’m Cassandra.  I am so grateful + blessed that you are here. No matter where you are on your Sol Path, I will be here to inspire you to align within, raise your vibration, and illumine your Sol with ease, joy, love, freedom, and fun. I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.
I 110 percent believe that it is our birthright to live and co-create a life that we love, and that lights us up with complete ease, joy, fun, freedom, and love. I have believed this since I was a very young girl.  Every day I would wake up, look to see if the sun was out, and then spend hours playing outside in nature, feeling completely excited by each new adventure.  Another very important passion in my life is dancing & performing, which I have done since I was 6 years old. When I dance I feel amazing, my energy raises, and I feel completely aligned with my Sol!
Both the Sun (Sol) + Dancing have played a major role in realigning me with my own Sol light. They have gotten me through some of the most challenging times in my life, beginning with the news that my parents were separating.  I was 9, and up until then I had never questioned or doubted my world.  Their separation ignited a feeling, and belief within me of how unpredictable life felt, and this scared me. Before this moment, I was just being a kid, fully living, shining my light, connected to my Sol. But it was through this defining moment, that I began to see what so many people were feeling and experiencing in the world, the disconnect from their own sol, and it didn’t feel good. But this defining moment was also the moment that inspired in me a passion + desire I didn’t fully understand until much older, to realign and trust my inner being (Sol), and in the process inspire others to do the same. This became my journey to The Luminary Sol. 
On this journey, I used to lack self worth and doubted my value, and as a result experienced life being hard, an upstream battle.  It was my willingness to grow and learn through the “Compost” moments of my life + my desire to feel better, practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction, connecting with nature, and dancing to raise vibration; that my life elevated from “upstream” hard,  to “downstream” ease, relief, joy, fun, freedom, and love. It became clear when I was in the downstream flow, that I was aligned with the truth of who I am which is God(Sol) light + love. I realized when I was in alignment I was perfectly guided to all the next inspired steps, & I attracted all the perfect people, places, and experiences in my life with such ease.   
I am so grateful for every upstream, compost moment.  I am also grateful to have learned that it’s possible to grow, learn, and expand through Joy. For it was through my darkest moments + choosing to lean into Joy, that I was able to see the light + love of who I truly am, and had been all along, The Luminary Sol. 
And this is true for you too, for all of us. And it is my honor to be able to guide you, with all of my love + sol to step fully in and be, The Luminary Sol that you are.

Cassandra is a Certified Law of Attraction + Life Coach, Author, Professional Dancer, Certified Massage Therapist, Photographer, Interactive Speaker/ Educator, Well Being Specialist, B.A. in American Studies and Multicultural Studies, and owner of The Luminary Sol for 21+ years. 
Cassandra is also the creator of the Vision, Align, Be, Allow (VABA) Inner Guidance© System  & Creator of the InnerguiDANCE© Movement. She also inspires people around the world through her project Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration, by uploading one video per day to YouTube. She danced for 528 days in a row, and experienced sol-elevated awareness, and deep trust in her inner being, to guide her towards living a life that lights her up with ease. 
Now let’s take a moment to honor you beautiful Sol, for showing up. For being ready to lean in, elevate, and illuminate in the world.  I so look forward to sharing your Sol’s Path with you.

With Love + Sol,



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