Dancing to Raise Vibration- Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry be Happy”

It’s been awhile….. but it’s filled with inspiration and dancing! I have been recovering from an ankle injury and so it feels amazing to dance again!

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Dancing to Raise Vibration – Los Habaneros 2 (Martin Landh) (Video)

Every day I have a choice, to dance or not to dance… Today I chose to dance and I am sure glad. It made all the difference in how my day unfolded. But not only that, I also chose to put a few essential oils in my diffuser which added just the boost that I needed to bring my dancing to a whole other level!!

Watch the video below to see what oils I felt called to use, and feel free to get your dance on and raise your vibration (energy) with me. Who knows it could be the very thing that helps you to get the clarity you have needed with your latest project at work. Maybe it will put you in such a good mood that you attract a new job, relationship, or even a much needed night out with your friends. It could just inspire you to want to dance more because it was so much fun and you felt really good. No matter what the outcomes, choosing to dance is sure to put a smile on your face, and open you up to living more fully the life you truly desire to be living with greater ease, fun and joy!

So what are you waiting for? Click play below and get your groove on!!

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Dancing to Raise Vibration ~ Xavier Rudd- Follow the Sun (video)

I am so excited to share my love of dance, essential oils, and the law of attraction with you! The momentum is building for a dancing movement that you will want to be a part of! We are going to be connecting within to our own unique and beautiful inner guidance, shining our positive, inspiring, and loving light all throughout the World! Make sure you sign up for my newsletter on my website so that I can make sure you receive all the details the moment I get ready to launch it!!!

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AND so why wait to dance and shine brighter……….. Let’s keep building the momentum!!! I invite you to get up and dance with me as you are able and shine that beautiful light of yours!!!

So much love, light and joy to you!!!



I Dance to Be Seen ~ A Poem

I Dance to Be Seen

by Cassandra Lyons

Photo Credit ~ Gary Hicks

I dance to be seen and to see, not just to impress upon the World my talent, but to live from the eternal oneness within my soul filled with love, flowing with love, never ending love.

I dance to be seen by you so that you may see your own inner light, inner wisdom, inner guidance that is always guiding you.

I dance to be seen so that I feel the eternal nature within my own soul, within all of our souls.

I dance to be seen not to be loved, but to shine love from my very nature, the truest nature in the wisdom of all things…. flowing…. flowing… flowing with least effort, no effort, crying rivers of joy.

Dance becomes you as you move
Dance becomes you as you free your mind
Dance becomes you as you align within to God, Goddess, All That Is….

God nature is in us all, the very essence of who we are, the very essence we are created from, the very essence some call God.

God is something that resides deep within our soul, is at our finger tips down to our toes, beneath our legs.

The one element that is always guiding us is also dancing with through us in all moments if we only but allow it to.

How I dance is mine, how you dance is yours. We are all flowing in this eternal river of rhythm and soul. How we choose to flow is our own journey, our own inner connection or forgetfulness of connection, neither one right or wrong it just is what it is.

I dance to be seen for forgiveness of my own self, and release all that is no longer serving me.

I dance to be seen and that too is okay, as it is me be okay shining brightly and feeling the light of the World shining back on me.

I dance to be seen in hopes of a deeper understanding of why I am here and how I can live the life I have always dreamed about, but also understanding that there is more than I can dream in this moment as my dreams are born from my desires.

I dance to be seen and I am appreciating my body for showing up here to move with the deep pulsing of Mother Earth and the unknown beings of this Universe.

I dance to be seen and I am okay with that, and will forevermore be aligned in truth knowing that I dance to be seen and that is enough.


Dancing to Raise Vibration and Live the Life You Desire

Many of you who have followed my Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration project (on YouTube) know that not only did I dance for 365 days but I continued my dancing journey till day 528. Yes, that is 528 days in a row!! 

This was one of the biggest accomplishments in my life to date. One, because I had desired to dance. Two, because as a result of my strong desire to be dancing again the inspiration came to dance and upload a video onto YouTube everyday for a year.  I could’ve talked myself out of this very big idea if I would’ve known all that was going to go into making it happen, but thank God I didn’t even think twice about the journey I was about to embark on.  

This is how true inspiration from within unfolds. You have a desire and God/Universe/Law of Attraction responds immediately with inspiration. Whether you hear the inspiration calling you from within depends on how connected you are to your own inner guidance. 

How you know when you are connected is you will receive insights, good feeling thoughts, inspired actions, creative ideas as well as attracting people, places and experiences into your life that propel you towards this desire. 

How you connect to your inner guidance is by the choices you make, the thoughts you think and how you feel. 

For example, I know that when I dance I am the most connected to my inner guidance. I feel good, I am free and excited, flowing with the beautiful energy of this wonderful Universe. My energy (vibration) raises and I naturally release resistance allowing me to attract more of what I truly desire into my life from a place of feeling good. 

Dance is a wonderful way to connect to your inner guidance. Other ways may include going for a walk in nature, playing with your child or a pet, creating art or music, reading a good book or watching a movie that inspires you, hugging someone you love, connecting with good friends, or pretty much anything that makes you feel happy and alive! 

In other words, when you feel good you are connecting to the creative energy of the Universe, or your inner guidance. 

What is important to note is your inner guidance is always guiding you at every moment. Your job is to get into a good feeling place to be able to receive this guidance, and this is where dancing comes in. 

So today I want to invite you to get up and dance with me and allow your energy (vibrations) raise, to feel good, and to live the life you truly desire. 

May you always hear the inspiration of your soul ❤️ And dance…… 


How to Align with the Energy of the Solution to any “Problem” During the Holidays


 “The problem that you project into the future, you also project the solution into the future as well.” ~ Abraham

As the holidays are upon us this may be a time of joy or frustration depending on how you experience this time of year. But one thing that can be very helpful if you do come across some experiences that dampen your holiday spirit, is to focus on the solution instead of focusing on the problem.

Here are a few suggestions for aligning with the solution:

  1. Notice how you feel, honor your feelings, and then acknowledge you want to feel better.
  2. Ask yourself the question, “What would allow me to feel a little bit better”? Then allow some ideas to flow to mind. Some suggestions may be, going for a walk, dancing, listening to music, taking a nap, or thinking some thoughts like, all is well, I don’t have to figure this all out right now.
  3. What are the facts vs. the story? The facts are only those things that can be seen, and touched. For example: I am standing, I am in the kitchen, I am surrounded by family, everything else is just a story that you are telling yourself which is keeping you stuck in the problem.
  4. Don’t ask “Why” because these questions will generally keep you focused on the problem, ask what, where, how, when and who questions instead.
  5. Ask yourself some Powerful Questions that will allow your feelings to shift. For example: What do I want? What is working? What is one thing that I feel inspired to take action on? When do I want to shift these emotions? What do I want to believe instead?
  6. Think of someone in your life that may inspire you to think differently and ask yourself how they may positively handle this situation.

How do you know when you are aligned with the solution?

You will feel good, relief, hopeful, excited, inspired, creative, loving, happy, joyful and so much more! Just being willing to take a moment to pause and notice how you feel is an amazing start. Then take a  few of the suggestions I shared above to help you realign with the feeling of joy. Remember to give your inner being some extra self care during this time too. When you take time to nurture yourself will be able to come from a space of love and awareness rather than just reacting.

One last thing that I want to share with you is that no matter if you focus on the problem or the solution, you will always grow, learn and gain ALOT of clarity, so just relax, breathe and take the next step on your beautiful journey.

May you have a very Merry Christmas, or Holiday that you celebrate, and a Happy New Year!

Much love from me to you,




Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration~ Where Are the Videos?

Inspiration: Your Inner Guidance is always lighting up the path beneath your feet, take a moment to look down and trust the next step that lights up before you. 




Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration (2) ~ Day 162

Inspiration: The Journey is the Destination. 

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Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration (2) ~ Day 161

Love Affirmation: Love is the essence of who I am.

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Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration (2) ~ Day 160

Affirmations: May Joy be in my heart. 

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