Dancing to Raise Vibration and Live the Life You Desire

Many of you who have followed my Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration project (on YouTube) know that not only did I dance for 365 days but I continued my dancing journey till day 528. Yes, that is 528 days in a row!! 

This was one of the biggest accomplishments in my life to date. One, because I had desired to dance. Two, because as a result of my strong desire to be dancing again the inspiration came to dance and upload a video onto YouTube everyday for a year.  I could’ve talked myself out of this very big idea if I would’ve known all that was going to go into making it happen, but thank God I didn’t even think twice about the journey I was about to embark on.  

This is how true inspiration from within unfolds. You have a desire and God/Universe/Law of Attraction responds immediately with inspiration. Whether you hear the inspiration calling you from within depends on how connected you are to your own inner guidance. 

How you know when you are connected is you will receive insights, good feeling thoughts, inspired actions, creative ideas as well as attracting people, places and experiences into your life that propel you towards this desire. 

How you connect to your inner guidance is by the choices you make, the thoughts you think and how you feel. 

For example, I know that when I dance I am the most connected to my inner guidance. I feel good, I am free and excited, flowing with the beautiful energy of this wonderful Universe. My energy (vibration) raises and I naturally release resistance allowing me to attract more of what I truly desire into my life from a place of feeling good. 

Dance is a wonderful way to connect to your inner guidance. Other ways may include going for a walk in nature, playing with your child or a pet, creating art or music, reading a good book or watching a movie that inspires you, hugging someone you love, connecting with good friends, or pretty much anything that makes you feel happy and alive! 

In other words, when you feel good you are connecting to the creative energy of the Universe, or your inner guidance. 

What is important to note is your inner guidance is always guiding you at every moment. Your job is to get into a good feeling place to be able to receive this guidance, and this is where dancing comes in. 

So today I want to invite you to get up and dance with me http://youtu.be/F2-p3XjQJys and allow your energy (vibrations) raise, to feel good, and to live the life you truly desire. 

May you always hear the inspiration of your soul ❤️ And dance…… 

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