How to Align with the Energy of the Solution to any “Problem” During the Holidays


 “The problem that you project into the future, you also project the solution into the future as well.” ~ Abraham

As the holidays are upon us this may be a time of joy or frustration depending on how you experience this time of year. But one thing that can be very helpful if you do come across some experiences that dampen your holiday spirit, is to focus on the solution instead of focusing on the problem.

Here are a few suggestions for aligning with the solution:

  1. Notice how you feel, honor your feelings, and then acknowledge you want to feel better.
  2. Ask yourself the question, “What would allow me to feel a little bit better”? Then allow some ideas to flow to mind. Some suggestions may be, going for a walk, dancing, listening to music, taking a nap, or thinking some thoughts like, all is well, I don’t have to figure this all out right now.
  3. What are the facts vs. the story? The facts are only those things that can be seen, and touched. For example: I am standing, I am in the kitchen, I am surrounded by family, everything else is just a story that you are telling yourself which is keeping you stuck in the problem.
  4. Don’t ask “Why” because these questions will generally keep you focused on the problem, ask what, where, how, when and who questions instead.
  5. Ask yourself some Powerful Questions that will allow your feelings to shift. For example: What do I want? What is working? What is one thing that I feel inspired to take action on? When do I want to shift these emotions? What do I want to believe instead?
  6. Think of someone in your life that may inspire you to think differently and ask yourself how they may positively handle this situation.

How do you know when you are aligned with the solution?

You will feel good, relief, hopeful, excited, inspired, creative, loving, happy, joyful and so much more! Just being willing to take a moment to pause and notice how you feel is an amazing start. Then take a  few of the suggestions I shared above to help you realign with the feeling of joy. Remember to give your inner being some extra self care during this time too. When you take time to nurture yourself will be able to come from a space of love and awareness rather than just reacting.

One last thing that I want to share with you is that no matter if you focus on the problem or the solution, you will always grow, learn and gain ALOT of clarity, so just relax, breathe and take the next step on your beautiful journey.

May you have a very Merry Christmas, or Holiday that you celebrate, and a Happy New Year!

Much love from me to you,



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