I Dance to Be Seen ~ A Poem

I Dance to Be Seen

by Cassandra Lyons

Photo Credit ~ Gary Hicks

I dance to be seen and to see, not just to impress upon the World my talent, but to live from the eternal oneness within my soul filled with love, flowing with love, never ending love.

I dance to be seen by you so that you may see your own inner light, inner wisdom, inner guidance that is always guiding you.

I dance to be seen so that I feel the eternal nature within my own soul, within all of our souls.

I dance to be seen not to be loved, but to shine love from my very nature, the truest nature in the wisdom of all things…. flowing…. flowing… flowing with least effort, no effort, crying rivers of joy.

Dance becomes you as you move
Dance becomes you as you free your mind
Dance becomes you as you align within to God, Goddess, All That Is….

God nature is in us all, the very essence of who we are, the very essence we are created from, the very essence some call God.

God is something that resides deep within our soul, is at our finger tips down to our toes, beneath our legs.

The one element that is always guiding us is also dancing with through us in all moments if we only but allow it to.

How I dance is mine, how you dance is yours. We are all flowing in this eternal river of rhythm and soul. How we choose to flow is our own journey, our own inner connection or forgetfulness of connection, neither one right or wrong it just is what it is.

I dance to be seen for forgiveness of my own self, and release all that is no longer serving me.

I dance to be seen and that too is okay, as it is me be okay shining brightly and feeling the light of the World shining back on me.

I dance to be seen in hopes of a deeper understanding of why I am here and how I can live the life I have always dreamed about, but also understanding that there is more than I can dream in this moment as my dreams are born from my desires.

I dance to be seen and I am appreciating my body for showing up here to move with the deep pulsing of Mother Earth and the unknown beings of this Universe.

I dance to be seen and I am okay with that, and will forevermore be aligned in truth knowing that I dance to be seen and that is enough.

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