Illumine Your Sol- dance + journal course

Welcome to Illumine Your Sol dance + journal course! I have created this 14 day high vibe course with ALL my love + sol, to inspire you to show up as your brightest self, living a life you love & lights you up each and every day.

I am so grateful to dance and illumine my sol, beside you on your beautiful sol path! It is my intention to guide you to align within to your inner being, naturally raise your vibration, and illumine YOUR sol light with ease, joy, fun, and freedom!

Why dancing+ journaling? I have been a dancer for 42 years, and in my experience I have come to know that when I dance, I am most aligned to my inner being, my energy raises, and I light up! And when you add the power of illuminating your inner most thoughts, beliefs, and feelings by journaling + dancing the results are off the charts amazing!! I would like to share a few transformations that I have experienced from dancing on a regular basis, and what I noticed from dancing for528 days in a row, with my project Dancing 365 Days to Raise Vibration on YouTube. There are infitnite possibilites, and here are a few.

My Experience & The Infinite Possibilities for You!

  • Aligned Within & Trusting Inner Being
  • Receiving Crystal Clear Guidance of Next Inspired Steps
  • Energy/Vibrations Raised, Being In The Vibrational Frequency of Attracting Everything That You Truly Want
  • Feeling good, Happy, Joyful, Light, Free, Ease, Inspired, Fun, Fulfilled
  • Perfect Timing
  • Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Wellbeing
  • Releasing Resistance with Ease
  • Being Confident, Knowing my Self Worth & Value
  • Being The Luminary Sol ( Being the Brightest Version of Me)

Watch this video below for more course info, and you can even dance with me!

This Course is for you if:

  • You are ready to stop dimming your light & playing small, to rise up and shine, to be the brightest version of you, knowing you’re beyond worthy, and more valuable than you can ever imagine!
  • You aren’t consistently experiencing life in a magical + deeply fulfilling way, that lights you up, but you believe that it is possible, and your ready to receive your next inspired steps on your Sol Path!
  • You have unconsciously created your life by default to be upstream/hard, and are ready to learn how to deliberately co- create your life with the universe, to experience life being filled with ease, joy, fun, and freedom!
  • You want to understand the principles of Law of Attraction, and learn how you are attracting either what you want, or don’t want into your life by your vibration, or how you feel.
  • You want to dance to raise your vibration, feel good, and naturally release resistance!
  • You are excited to use journalling as a way to elevate your awareness and understanding of your deepest desires, and are open to diving into anything that may be standing in your way to having your life exactly as you want it!
  • You are ready to expand and grow, and be The Luminary Sol!

All the Fabulous Details:

14 Daily High-Vibe Dance Videos

Each day you will receive a High-Vibe Video from me. Each video will contain a +short Guided Visualization, to align you to your inner being, +(free form) Dancing to light you up + raise your vibration, practical + spiritual Sol Tips, to fully stand in your light + love, a clear understanding of the principles of the Law of Attraction to empower, and enlighten you to deliberately co- create your life with God(Sol)/Source Energy/Universe/All That Is.

14 Daily High-Vibe Digital Downloads

You will also receive 14 High-Vibe Journal Prompts, that you can print and refer back to at any point for inspiration & sol elevation. I will share my +(Vision, Align, Be, Allow) VABA Inner Guidance System©. I will Guide you through each of the 4 steps process to clarify your (Vision) to Illuminate your deepest desires, why your desires are guiding you, and uncovering the higher essence feeling you are hoping to feel by having what you desire most. (Align) Know what daily habits excite & align you within to your inner being with ease, joy, and fun. (Be) Discover what you are believing, that determines your next steps & how fully you show up in your day. (Allow) How much, and what you are allowing into your life is determined by the first 3 steps. I will be showing you how to allow your life to flow with ease, joy and fun!

More Fabulous Details:

  • 14 Days of email accessibility with me, as your Sol Life Coach to answer any questions that may come up, or to guide you to take your next inspired steps on your Sol Path
  • 2 – ‘Sol Align’ Group Zoom Calls
  • Private FaceBook ‘Illumine Your Sol’ Group to connect with others who are ready to rise up & shine
  • Be entered into a drawing to win a 60 min. 1:1 Sol Align Coaching Call with me

I know with all my heart that this course will create sustainable shifts, that will elevate you step by step on your Sol Path. You will be creating new high-vibe Sol Aligned habits, that will allow you to be who you are meant to be, live how you desire to live, and shine like the light of the sun. I believe with all my love + sol that it is your birthright to shine and illumine your beautiful and unique Sol, and I will be with you to guide you every step of the way!

Are you ready take the next inspired step to Illumine Your Sol?

Click the link below, and get ready to shine!

With Love + Sol,



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